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Last update: 17 Nov, 2023

Here is we are here! It's my first #sideproject and I've been sharing the entire process with #buildinpublic.

I'm building a product that helps you find the appropriate emoji according to your write by AI. I'm using GPT-3 for this project. If you want to follow the entire process you can follow me on Twitter

What is

As we all know, emojis have become an integrat part of how we communicate in today's digital age. They add a whole new layer of emojiton and context to our messages. And that's where steps in - select your text and find the emoji that fits your lines in seconds. It helps you elevate your texts and increase engagement.

I'm still developing the product right now. So go to and subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when it's ready.

Tech Stack

  • Next.js for Web.
  • Shadcn/ui for UI library and Tailwind for styling.
  • Supabase for database.
  • Vercel for deploy.
  • Mailerlite for email marketing.

The first version will be basic and minimal. I will add new features in the future. Just install, click and use it, that's all!

The Process

1- I design a logo for the product. I'm not a designer but I'm trying to do my best. I use Figma. While I design the logo, in my mind I have emoji colors and AI symbols. I think I did a good job. What do you think?

2- I'll work with AI first time. So that's why I need to read some documentation about openAI and watch some videos. When everything is okay on my side, I created an api key and try to made some example.

3- Actually I have a few feature about the product. But as I said I want to launch as a MVP because I don't have time so much to finish it. If users wants to use and new features then I'll improve it.

4- Firstly I will launch an extension on google chrome. It was easy to build to me.

5- I thought it will be good if I prepare a waitlist page on website. I'm sharing about the product on my twitter account and I want to collect emails. Because It can be hard to reach some users for this product and I don't want to lose them. That's why I guess coolect eamil will be a good idea.

I didn't have a hard time unless try to ready an image for project :)

6- I created profiles and some articles on ProductHunt, Reddit, HackerNews to pre-launch.

Also I'm thinking to beta test with a few people on waiting list. I'll send them an email and ask them to try the product. I'll collect feedbacks and improve the product.

7- Here are some numbers. I only announced it once on Twitter and these are the statistics after that.

  • 291 visitors
  • 55 subscriber
  • 54 countries

Keep in touch. Story will continue...